Pricing Guide

We make all our cakes to order to meet your individual requirements. We never use commercially available cake mix. Instead, we bake our cakes from scratch, using premium quality ‘real’ ingredients and where possible, local produce.

The final price of a cake is determined by size and flavour but more importantly, complexity and quantity of work. The creation of a cake is a minimum three day process. On day one, your cake is baked and fillings prepared. On day two, it is filled and then encapsulated in ganache. On day three, the art of the decoration commences.

We have a minimum order of $180. Please contact us for a personalised, obligation free quote.

Regular Shaped Cakes

Bear in mind that the size of the cake will have an influence on the design itself. If you have fallen in love with the design of a three-tier cake but only have a small guest list, you could consider incorporating fake tiers into the design. Alternatively, we can suggest ways to achieve the same look and feel on a smaller cake.

Sculpted Novelty Cakes

Please note we are no longer taking orders for 2D and 3D sculpted cakes.

Sugar Flowers and Figurines

All flowers and figurines are quoted individually as prices vary greatly depending on size and complexity.

Bride and groom figurines are tailored specifically to match your features, right down to eye colour.

We hand make all our sugar flowers on premises to match the design and colours of your cake perfectly. Sugar flowers are ideal if you want to feature flowers which are out of season, aren’t suitable for picking, bruise easily or if you simply want a keepsake which will last forever.

Please note: Our sugar figurines and flowers are handcrafted exclusively for your cake design and are not sold separately.

Cupcakes and Cookies

We have a one-dozen minimum order per flavour for cupcakes. These can also be packaged to match your event styling or as take-home gifts.